Typhoon aid for the Philippines

By Jade Tao Ca, US

A little donation goes a long way. We are collecting funds mostly for the smaller and hard to reach towns in the Philippines after the typhoon Yolanda.

About this campaign

Videos courtesy of: musicmylife(youtube) and abscbn, and World Vision USA

Hi everyone. I am opening this campaign to help our brothers and sisters in the Philippines. The money raised in this campaign will be distributed among the coastal towns but mostly we will be sending it to Pilar, Camotes Island in Cebu which has been hit hard but due to it's isolated location, no one really knows about their condition.

This is my mother's hometown where she lived before going to college and moving to Cebu. I spent my summers in this small island growing up as a kid, cycling all afternoon, swimming at the beaches and diving at the ports. The people here are the friendliest and this place made my childhood memorable. My family is currently packing 300 goody bags filled with rice, canned goods, instant noodles and coffee packets. I am sharing this to all my friends so anybody who wants to donate can send through here. Money will be used mostly to buy food, water and building materials so they can rebuild their homes. This is voluntary.

I posted a photo coming from my mom about the situation in Pilar. I will translate it here for those who can't understand.

" Jade I feel sorry for the typhoon victims.. The roof of Your Uncle Glis' house was blown away. Our house got worse. We had a meeting this morning (family). We will give aid to them 2kilos of rice, 2 sardines, 2 noodles, 2 nescafe packets in each bag of 300. Jill, Judy and your Auntie Elsa will be going to Pilar to distribute. "

For this campaign, deadline will only be 7 days so we can send aid fast. I will probably start another campaign when this ends if they still need help. I will do my very best to be transparent and post updates like photos of receipts, photos of packing and distributing of the goods.

Again, this is voluntary. Any amount, even a dollar, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Hi guys, I'm extending the campaign so I can post the updates here but I will be sending the money most likely Monday 11-18-13. I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for all your donations.


Hi guys, money sent to philippines already. Photo of transaction uploaded. Total of $670 which is equivalent to about php28,830.30. Will be posting receipts from purchases they will be buying soon. I have posted photos as well of the first batch of bundles of joy given. Thank you to the Maratas Banay and Phil Navy for the all out assistance. Thanks guys.


Latest update guys.. Donations already distributed to the locals in Pilar. They bought kerosene and rice with the money which totaled php28,831. Currently, the island doesn't have electricity so kerosene is really needed. Please see pictures attached for the receipt and distribution. They are very thankful for all the donations. For those who donated after I sent the money, I will update you when I send next.. Thanks again for your generosity.


$130 donated by ate Diana and Mr A.M. Sent already to my friend Mary. Money will be used for construction materials. Will send update on receipts and next distribution of materials. Thank you everyone.


Apologies for the late update.. $130 donation was used for building materials. Please look at the latest uploaded photo. Receipt shows in $ but that's actually in Pesos.. haha! Thanks again everyone for your generosity!

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