Bring Chantel Giacalone Back

By Jade Tao Ca, US

Chantel had a severe reaction to a peanut allergy on February 20th and is in ICU in a Las Vegas Hospital; She has been in a coma ever since and does not have any health insurance. Please pray for her recovery and help to bring her home by donating to the Chantel Giacalone Fund.

About this campaign

Chantel suffered a severe allergic reaction to peanuts while visiting Las Vegas on February 20, 2013. She went into anaphylactic shock, and she has been in a vegetative state since. Chantel is my niece who, on Feb.20 2013 went into anaphylactic shock and cardiac arrest from a bite of a pretzel (unknown to her), that had peanut butter on the inside. She is home now with Medicaid insurance, in a vegetative state with the loving care of only her mother, father (my brother) grandmother and, maternal aunt, that has moved in their home to care for her, and with insurance that does not cover what is needed ,you can imagine the cost of medical care and equipment, is overwhelming and
impossible. Our goal is to not only help our family but help build awareness to everyone how serious Peanut Allergy's are!

Paris Hilton also took up the cause online to raise awareness and help generate funds.
“Hey everyone, Chantel is in a coma & needs our help. Please read, RT & donate if you can. Thank you… #OneLoveChantel,” she wrote.
Paris included a link to the blog One Love Chantel where visitors can contribute money.
“Everyone deserves the best chance of recovery, please help us make this possible for Chantel,” reads a note on the website.

Chantel is now back home in Michigan receiving the care she deserves.
She is surrounded by her family and friends.

This will be a very long road - but together we can help Chantel.

If you have met Chantel before, I hope you know that she is the kind of person
that would be there for you if she could.
She would support, spread the word, and donate in whatever capacity she was able to.

That is why she is loved by so many people
and so many people refer to Chantel as their best friend.
She is fun, energetic, passionate, and at the end of the day one of the best friends in the world.

Please continue to pray for her -
She has a very long road to recovery, but with your continued support and help -
Chantel can continue to receive physical therapy for the best chance at recovery.

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