Free Chained Dogs with Dogs Deserve Better

By Tamira Thayne

Dogs Deserve Better is a national nonprofit freeing chained and penned dogs and bringing them into the home and family. Chained dogs suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally. We serve dogs through rescue and rehabilitation, grassroots activism, legislation, and fencing programs.

About this campaign

Dogs Deserve Better is a national nonprofit formed to advocate for dogs on chains. These dogs live incredibly sad and lonely lives, and suffer both physically and mentally as a result.

Did you know that it's perfectly legal in most areas of the country to chain a dog for life and leave it there to languish 24/7/365? Can you imagine living such a life?

The physical suffering is immense, and includes flea and tick bites, fly strike on the tops of the dogs ears, heartworm, and vulnerability to attack by rabid animals and any human with an agenda. The mental suffering is even worse, with many dogs simply giving up and laying listlessly in the dirt. Or these dogs bark nonstop and pace frantically at the end of their chain, desperate for human interaction and a kind and loving word.

This suffering needs to end.

Dogs Deserve Better was formed in 2002 after a woman in PA watched a dog named Worthless suffer at the end of a chain for six years—and local authorities would do nothing to help him.

She finally decided to take a stand against this cruel treatment of our best friends, and formed a nonprofit organization to fight the neglect.

Today the organization has a rehabilitation facility on the same property where Michael Vick formerly abused dogs at his dog fighting compound. At the Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs in Smithfield, VA, staff works with dogs rescued from chains or pens or hoarding situations, and gets them socialized, housetrained, vetted, and ready for new, inside homes and families.

The organization also has volunteer area representatives in other states to include Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, as well as volunteers gathering addresses and passing out literature or joining activist campaigns in all 50 states and into other countries.

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