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Stepping Stones to Independence of San Diego is an organization that provides transitional housing and life skill training for families.

It offers assistance to families, frequently homeless, as they move toward independent, self-sufficient lifestyles.

Additionally, it assists clients in family reunification.

Many other shelters only offer 30 days or less of housing whereas Stepping Stones to Independence offers up to two years.

On staff will be a chemical dependency counselor, marriage and family counselor, and a family reunification counselor to assist clients.

Stepping Stones to Independence will offer rooms, each with its own kitchen facility to homeless families.

Each client is allowed to stay for up to one year as long as they are clean and sober (random drug and alcohol testing determines this), and have no other place to go.

Additionally, each client must be an active participant of the program:

Collaborative Approach to Empowering Individuals.

About this campaign

Our management team is not your Ivy League Pedigreed team of managers, we are all former drug addicts and alcoholics, war veterans and also many of us also have experience with the silent pain of homelessness and felt the quiet despair of the hopelessness associated with it.

We have seen and done many of the things we will be asking our clients to do.
This program is an eight-step program to develop self-sufficient clients.

The different elements of the program are:

Personal development planning.
Vocational development.
Substance abuse prevention.
Interpersonal skill development.
Personal and spiritual development.
Community involvement.
Creative leisure activities/celebration.
Independent living preparation/follow up.
Stepping Stones to Independence is a facility for families with children.

The overwhelming majority of clients come from lower socio-economic population groups. These segments can be difficult to communicate with, yet their use of Stepping Stones to Independence' s services would give them some profound benefits. The good news is if the people are willing to accept help from Stepping Stones to Independence they are far more likely to be able to get out of the dire circumstances that they currently face.

The other service providers are temporary shelters that only allow stays of 30 days or more, but not the fast housing, long term program and social development. These service providers are only housing shelters, they do not offer the in-depth self empowerment programs. Some alternative service providers take the form of religious service organizations that assist clients, but on a much smaller scale. The lack of true competition makes Stepping Stones to Independence the premier source of interim housing and life skill training.

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