Support Reign for Little Miss Nagbukel & Little Mr Nagbukel

By Josiah T CA, US

To serve as a shining ray of hope for the less privileged townmates whose kids show promise and need assistance to attain higher education.

SDN's primary focus is to provide college scholarship through our fundraising events.

About this campaign

Please support Reign as the California Representative for Little Miss Nagbukel. This will be held on July 5, 2014 in Las Vegas. This is a fundraising event by the Sons and Daughters of Nagbukel, USA, Inc., which is a registered non profit organization.

Proceeds will be used to:

1. Help deserving underprivileged graduates from Nagbukel High School finish a college degree
2. Give awards to top 3 students graduating from elementary as an incentive to continue to secondary education
3. Provide school supplies to our Barangay elementary schools
4. Promote sports awareness by providing cash prizes to winners of basket ball leagues from different Barangays
5. Saranay project provides some monetary help when a member dies

We are selling raffle tickets and advertisement space for our booklet.

Raffle ticket per bundle: $20
Ad Space: full page: $100
Half Page: $60
Quarter Page: $40

Raffle Prizes:
1st: $1,000
2nd: $500
3rd: $250
4th and 5th: $100

Please send us a message which you want to buy, if it's raffle ticket or ad space.

100% of all proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund

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